Google Home Schedule Routines Now Available, Gmail May Get Email Scheduling Feature Soon

At, the company had announced athat allows theto perform simultaneous actions in the same voice command, using coordination reduction to figure out exactly what the user means even with longer commands. At that time, the tech giant had also mentioned that it is adding the ability to schedule routines. Now, a new report suggests that the scheduling feature is rolling out to users. Meanwhile, code reportedly found in the Gmail (v8.7.15) reveals that a scheduling feature could soon be added to the Gmail app for Android.

As per a Droid Life, it appears that the scheduling feature has started rolling out to users via the Google Home app. To activate, tap on Settings and go to Routines. Here, tap on the ‘+’ button to create a routine. If the feature is available for you, there should also be an option to ‘Set a time and day (optional).’ It seems Google will be rolling out the scheduling feature over the next few days, so it might pop up in your smartphone anytime soon.

With the new feature, you can schedule a custom routine to run at a particular time. For instance, you can create one that will turn on all of the Internet-connected lights in the bedroom by 6:30 am. The report says that users will also get a scheduled routine that adjusts the house temperature at night, and more such features.

While you might be using several things with your Google Assistant that can be scheduled via their own respective third-party apps, the new feature brings everything under one roof while letting you give more.

It is worth noting that for the scheduled routines to run, aunit needs to be selected to run the actions. The report says that once a device finishes running a routine, it will give an audio acknowledgement and notify you on your smartphone.

Meanwhile, anof the Gmail app for Android (version 8.7.15) by Android Police revealed that a scheduling feature could be arriving soon. In the teardown, a label with the title ‘Schedule send’ was spotted multiple times in the overflow for the ‘Compose’ screen. Clicking on the link will allow you to set the date and time when you want your email to arrive. You canof the latest app version from APK Mirror to experience the new Gmail app features.

The report says that both the Web interface and app will probably launch support for scheduling at the same time. However, there’s is no official word on when the Gmail app for Android will get this feature. It is worth noting is that teardowns are speculative in nature as the app may or may not get the same features in its next update.